How to Properly Maintain Your Own Roof to Prolong Longevity & Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

Some of the major factors that influence the longevity of your roof and how often you will need repairs are workmanship and quality of the used materials. Tile roofs and metal roofs last twice longer than asphalt shingle roofs. However, workmanship also influences longevity and the need for repairs in all types of roofs. Nevertheless, there are tips that you can follow to maintain your roof and prolong longevity while avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Trim Nearby Tree Branches

Although trees provide an important shade to your house, they can make your roof deteriorate faster. Large trees can cause problems that outweigh their benefits if they are not taken care of properly. When leaves accumulate on the roof, they trap moisture in the gutters and other parts of the roof. Large tree branches can also fall and damage the roof during storm. What’s more, tree branches can scratch the roof’s surface causing damage that may be unnoticeable at first. Therefore, to extend the longevity of your roof, trim the branches of the nearby trees.

Maintain Gutters

Clogged gutters will cause leaking of the roof. That’s because when water doesn’t flow through the gutters and downspout properly, it pools along the edges of your roof. It also deteriorates the roof edges and the fascia. If your gutters have leaves, twigs, sticks, and other debris, hire experts to clean them.

Attic Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation lets cool air into the attic while allowing humid, warm air to leave. Mold growth occurs when excessive moisture accumulates in the attic. Mold will damage the insulation and the roof if it is not removed. To ensure that your attic has proper ventilation, ensure that you have soffit vents in the lower attic area and roof vents close to the highest attic part. This ensures that cool air will easily enter the attic while hot air leaves.

Ensure Proper Roof Installation

Remember that if a roof is not installed properly, regular maintenance might not help. To prolong the life of your roof and avoid unnecessary repairs, make sure that the roof is installed properly. Engage roof installation service of a reputable company to ensure that the job is done right. A recent review was completed about a roofing company who specializes in new installations. You can visit to learn more about their install process.

Annual Roof Inspection

Inspections are important when it comes to roof maintenance. A professional roof inspector will detect problems on your roof and recommend the best ways to address them before they escalate. What’s more, a professional inspector will provide tips for maintaining the good condition of your roof.

Roof repairs and replacements are generally costly undertakings. Without proper care, your roof will need repair or replacement when least expected. This will cause financial inconveniences because it something that you might not have budgeted for. To avoid the need for unexpected repairs or replacement of your roof, follow these tips.